Torque wrench

continuously adjustable torque up to maximum 30 Ncm

Article-No.: 1.500.0005

Forestadent Instrumente Ratsche

Manual torque wrench adapter

for all drills, implant-, screw driver

Article-No.: 1.560.0100

Forestadent Instrumente Hand- und Ratschenadapter

Implant driver for screw implants

with ISO-shaft for hand piece, manual torque wrench adapter
Length Article-No.
26.5 (short) 1.530.0005
32.5 (long) 1.530.0010
Forestadent Instrumente Eindrehinstrument

Screwdriver – 0.05” hex

for all screw connections (exception: bar-, ball- & Locator® abutments) with ISO-shaft for hand piece, manual torque wrench adapter

The extra short screwdriver has an integrated handle and can be used in cases of vertical low spaces towards the antagonist. The torque ratchet can be placed directly.

Lenght Article-No.
26.5 (short) 1.510.0005
32.5 (long) 1.510.0010
17.5 (extra short) 1.510.0015
Forestadent Produkte Instrumente Schraubendreher

Screwdriver – for bar- & ball abutment

with ISO-shaft for hand piece, manual torque wrench adapter
Length Article-No.
22.5 1.520.0020
Forestadent Instrumente Eindrehinstrument Steg- und Kugelaufbau

Screwdriver – short for Locator®

Article-No.: 1.277.0005

Forestadent Instrumente Eindrehinstrument kurz

Locator® Instrument

Article-No.: 1.277.0010

Forestadent Instrumente Locator

Locator® Angle Measurement Guide

Article-No.: 1.277.0020

Forestadent Instrumente Locator Winkelmesslehre

Locator® Parallel post

Quantity: 4 pcs

Quantity Article-No.
4 pcs 1.277.0020
Forestadent Instrumente Locator Winkelmesspfosten

Drill extension

with ISO-shaft for hand piece, manual torque wrench adapter
Length Article-No.
30.0 1.405.0005
Forestadent Instrumente Bohrverlängerung

Torque wrench

for ball-abutment matrix – 7 Ncm

Article-No.: 23831

Forestadent Instrumente Drehmomentschlüssel


incl. ISO-shaft adapter

Article-No.: 1.540.0000

Forestadent Instrumente Handgriff

Lab insert

for handgrip

Article-No.: 1.540.0010

Forestadent Instrumente Laboreinsätze

Osteotome inserts, straight and angled

The osteotome set consists of 4 coordinated inserts in the diameters 2.6; 3.1; 3.8 and 4.5 mm. The working ends are designed convexly and their shape is optimally coordinated to the prowital implants. They have clearly recognisable depth marks analogous to the prowital implant lengths.

The Osteotome-Set is in straight and angled available.

Name Article-No.
Osteotome inserts, straight 1.540.0020
Osteotome inserts, angled 1.540.1020
Forestadent Produkte Osteotomeinsätze gerade
Forestadent Produkte Osteotomeinsätze gewinkelt

Finisher for Bar base PMMA

for screw fitting and conical base

incl. holder for handgrip

Article-No.: 1.274.0500

Forestadent Instrumente Finierer für Stegbasis

Reamer for model – kit

incl. guide pins (3pcs) for handgrip

Article-No.: 1.542.0000

Forestadent Instrumente Ausreiber für Set

Lab tray

without instruments

Article-No.: 1.400.0400

Forestadent Instrumente Laborhalter


Organisation set
For the storage and organisation of the prowital instruments.
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Handgrip incl. ISO-shaft adapter
For practical use in the dental practice and dental laboratory.
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