Company profile

Forestadent Implants – a young company with a long tradition

Forestadent Implants was founded in 2017 with the task of simplifying implantology. With the products manufactured by Prowital, the Forestadent Implants GmbH offers an implant system with many years of clinical experience.

The young company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bernhard Förster GmbH, based in Pforzheim on the fringe of the Black Forest. Our origins are in the jewelry and watch industry of the so called “Gold Town Pforzheim”. The enterprise was founded in 1907 and FORESTADENT Implants can therefore revert to a wealth of 110 years of experience in precision craftsmanship and surface treatment.

Today the Bernhard Förster GmbH is better known under the brand name FORESTADENT. The family owned and managed company has long since become one of the leading manufacturers of orthodontic products worldwide with more than 40 years of experience in the dental field.

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The prowital Implantat System is the result of a dentistry expert group. From the very beginning the patient and his doctor have been in the focus of the development of this products.

The prowital Implant System has been developed for easier handling, more clarity thanks to a well-organized product range, and greater economic efficiency.

It is our vision to make dental implantology easier within your daily routine and beeing economically efficient – for you and your patient.