Prowital and CAD/CAM

The prowital Implant System was developed in close coordination with CAD/CAM technology.

The synergy effect between the prowital Implant System and the CAD/CAM systems allows for INVIDUAL PROSTHETICS from zirconium dioxide.

A scanned abutment (due to the identical inner connection of all implant diameters this is universally applicable; supplied including laboratory screw) is placed on the master model.
Once the model is scanned in, the software automatically detects the three-dimensional orientation of the implant (position in coordinate system plus alignment of the inner connection).

The software performs the individual design of the emergence profile and the construction of the supragingival part, whereby a bite registration or the opposing jaw can be scanned in.
The individual abutment can be coloured prior to sintering.
After sintering, the individual abutment is bonded to titanium base.
The design and fabrication of the fully ceramic cap or structure may be performed at the same time, or after a try-in of the individual abutment.

The titanium bases are optimally coordinated to the milling units. The rotation protection for the individual abutment is placed occlusal, this way it cannot damage the abutment, even abutments with low wall thicknesses – this increases safety.
The titanium bases are offered indication-based in two versions.

The unique gluing aid facilitates the bonding of the individual abutments on the titanium bases. These also facilitate the fabrication of individual abutments by means of copy milling, as the gluing aid can also be used as a modelling aid.

The interface between the individual abutment and the implant was investigated in a comprehensive adhesive study and offers a high degree of prosthetic safety.